The DMV Stags are  grateful  to all sponsors, who so generously contribute year after year .The Participation enables the DMV Stags to maintain a tradition of excellence  in  forming young men into student athletes. The funds support the operating budget of the program, which include gym rentals, uniforms, travel expenses, tournament fees, equipment and insurance dues.

The DMV Stags relies  on small businesses, corporations, and individual donors who with their generosity make a huge impact on the development of young men . 

DMV STAGS Gift  $50 - $499

DMV STAGS Club  $500 - $899

Silver Sponsors  $900 - $1,400

Bronze Sponsor  $1,500 - $3,400

Gold Sponsor  $3,500 - 4,999

Platinum Sponsor  $5,000 - $10,000

Sponsorship Opportunities